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:iconblix-it: is raising funds to get Chapter Two of Toilet Genie &… print. She has both a Kickstarter program and a Storenvy site and has some really wonderful stuff out there.  Even though she has reached her minimum Kickstarter goal and will be able to print Chapter Two, she could use even more so she can print the book and also do such mundane things as eating.

So get on over to either her devArt account or to the webcomic and follow the links.  She's not only offering great extras, like prints, buttons and cell-phone charms, she's also offering some of her original artwork (Looking at both links, looks like the original artwork is on Kickstarter only).  

I'm picturing my niece's children at an Antiques Roadshow 70 years hence:

Appraiser:  "So you have not only the original watercolor Cover of Toilet Genie Chapter Two, by the celebrated artiste, Cari Corene, you also have one of the original watercolor illustrations from Chapter Two and the printed version of the world-renowned web-comic, along with prints of Chapter One and Chapter Three.  You even have full-sized prints of many of her other works.  Who blessed you with such bounty?"

Ungrateful future kids of said niece:  "Well, Mom's aunt left her these pictures and we just wanted to know if they're worth anything.  Great-Aunt was kind of nuts about this comic.  She kept drawing all kinds of fan art.  (whispers to the appraiser) We think she stalked the poor artist."

Appraiser: "Well, you don't know how lucky you are that your great-aunt was so crazy.  Rarely have I seen such a pristine collection of this artist's works.  I believe the Museum of Modern Art is putting together a show to feature Cari Corene's works as we speak.  Let's go give them a call right now."

Niece, tottering in behind the ungrateful kids and observing the looks of avarice:  "I'm donating these great works of art to the museum before my kids can attempt to sell them!"

See?  You too can mess with the heads of future generations by helping fund Blix-it :iconblix-it: and Toilet Genie .
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shaharw Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010
I'm very excited about getting your original art... Don't worry about getting any obligatory skweeing. It will be more like SKWEE..OMG...SKWEE!

(and any random crayon or footprints will just be signs of authenticity)
blix-it Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010
Oh gosh, it's artiste with an E. T__________T;;;;;;;;;;;; Your review makes me blush.

Thank you so much for writing this review, and drawing such a pile of fanart. O_o

I am really, intensely excited about sending you all this original art! No one ever gets to even see it, because it has nowhere to go!! ;_; So imagining it in someone's home really makes me happy.

You are required to skwee about how the paint is in layers upon layers and it overlaps in glorious tones that are not visible on the web or after printing. You are required to notice the different weights of different hues of paint and how some of it, especially opaque blue, settles to the bottom of the cotton grooves in the specially hand picked cold press watercolor paper. (by hand picked, I mean I picked the sheet at Michaels that didn't have crayon or footprints on it yet.)
Corbie Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2010  Professional Writer
Haha, I'm glad I'm not the only one who imagines all the art I've bought over the years ending up on Antiques Road Show!
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December 4, 2010