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New Icon thx to TigerShark06
United States
Sharp pointy things....

Current Residence: somewhere hot & muggy
Favourite genre of music: Classical
Favourite photographer: My husband
MP3 player of choice: Sansa Fuze
Personal Quote: One of us must remain calm at all times. This is not one of those times.
:icontigershark06:  tagged me!

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share ten things about them.
3. Answer the ten questions asked to you and invent ten questions the people you tag have to answer.
4. Choose ten people and put their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and inform them they are tagged.
6. Not something like "you're tagged if you read that".
7. You have to legitimately tag ten people.
8. No tag backs.
9. You can't say that you don't do tags.

Ten Things About Me:
1.  I count beans for a living
2.  I'm a darn good bean-counter
3.  I'm owned by 3 cats, 2 birds, 9 hermit crabs, 1 betta fish and 1 frog
4.  I play violin, harp, flute, and doumbek (and lots of other miscellaneous noise-makers)
5.  Fabric arts - from making yarn, to sewing, knitting, crochet, weaving, embroidery, needle-point - are also a passion
6.  I write manuscripts every November during NANOWRIMO - and then never go back and re-read them
7.  I'm a self-taught artist - but not really.  After all, there are all those references on the internet and in books that I used to learn.
8.  My husband and I like to go to nature preserves and watch the wildlife
9.  My biggest indulgence is getting a massage each week
10.  Halloween is my favorite holiday

Questions from :icontigershark06:

1. What do you love most about doing art? 
The freedom to let all those little critters out of my brain and onto the page.

2. If you were to have a choice of vacation spots where would you go:  Australia, The Caribbean, or Europe?
Australia, definitely.  My husband lived there when he was little and I'd love to go take a look.

3. Bike, Car, or Bus?

4. Gargoyles,  Transformers, or Ninja Turtles? 
um...  Scooby Doo?

5.  How did you first start watching me? (I truly am curious!) 
I was reading Riven Sol (I'm sorry Elaine had to stop that one) and SpiderForest did their cross-promotion thing - I followed the link and got hooked.

6. Playdough or Silly Putty? 
Playdough, hands down (snerk, I made a funny!)

7. What kind of books do you like to read? (Specific genre would be good)
Fantasy, sci-fi, 'cozy' mysteries (think Agatha Christie), and my guilty pleasure - paranormal romance.

8. What decade of music do you most associate with? 
...gawd!  do I have to admit that I loved disco?  70's

9. Your favorite animal (real or imaginary)? 
Cat - that Could be an imaginary animal, if you've met some of my cats.

10.  Would you go back to your high school days if you could do it over again? 
Nope - can't say that I miss my high school days all that much.  Never been to a reunion, not interested in one either.

I'd tag someone, but :icontigershark06: already tagged most of those I know well enough to tag, so I'm breaking that rule, sorry.



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